Miss Nude … is it on

I thought the debate over queen shows was over; that the contest was more or less a dead heat with no side gaining any quarter on the other but remained locked in their positions.20130805_154621[1]

Last week when protesters in Bali came out against the Miss World competition, some anti-queen show friends sought me out. What you think? they asked, adding that my relationship at Feminists Alien meant my views were changed.

I had long accepted queen shows as women parading clothes, similar to those on the catwalk except that they were judged regularly in other areas. I’d welcomed that it was more than body but it was brains and the willingness to be of service to one’s community and the world.

So I answered carelessly:

“Academics show off their brains publishing papers,

doctors show off their ‘healing skills’,

what is the difference?”

I wanted to avoid a lengthy discussion so I could enjoy a delicious lunch

while watching the ebb and flow of the tide as it lovingly licked the foot of the restaurant.


But after some intense questioning-cum-cross examination from my friends, I started to beg for time to relook and re-understand my thinking.  But it was too late.

Our arguments and counter-arguments were flying around our side of the restaurant with so much energy that they suck in four men who was sitting a few tables away.

“You see women, they salivate at us and throw their panties on stage at entertainers but they cry shame if we whistle at women,” one said.

“Caribbean women don’t do the panty-thing and …” someone from my table started to speak, but she was interrupted by a loud male voice repeating several times, “Listen to me! Listen to me!”

He lost the battle for an audience as a blue shirt man screamed: “Women nowadays beating everything to the ground; fighting for equal rights they forget about the beauty of variety. The trouble is they feel that they must do everything a man does so they go on stage now with their bodies looking like iron and no complaints but complaints about queen shows.”

Our lunch discussion continued in that vein; we called it a draw and I extracted a promise that our new friends would team up to write an article for Feminists Aliens. Today I got an email from one of them. I was shocked that an article would follow so soon.

“Not even enough time for me to tell the FA group,” I said excitedly. But lo and behold the article was a cut and paste from the Jamaican Gleaner headlined, Jamaica cops Miss Black Nude Again, with this highlighted underlined quote:

“I entered the pageant for experience.   I wanted to challenge myself in a competition and I also wanted to see   how well a cultural woman like myself would do,” Edwards said.

“I am not conceited but I am aware that I am seen as a rare Nubian treasure”,  she continued.

The sender’s only comment was “what do your friends think about a Miss Black NUDE? Great body especially after two children and a great work of God’s art, too!”

Please readers tell me what to say to him. I am not copping out. I want to say this is how FA team members feel and this is what our readers think. HELP!!!!

Marva Cossy

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